Mark Moss from San Clemente’s Tips for Long Hair

Shiny and long hair makes a woman attractive. This is why women around the world are obsessive about Shiny and long hair. Seeing the obsession amid women about attractive and healthy hair, I, Mark Moss from San Clemente have brought some effective hair care tips for them.  The tips are as following:

 > Loose your hair before going to bed because tight hair causes breakage of hair.

 > Trim your hair once a month.

 > Instead of using brush or your fingers for detangling, use wide teeth comb for the same.

 > Use silk pillow and bed sheets on your bed.       

 > Massage your hair and scalp gently.

 > Include fresh fruits and vegetables enriched with Vitamin C and E in your diet.

 > Don’t use shampoos daily. Try to use mild shampoos.

 > Take protein, zinc and other nutrients in adequate quantity.

 > Don’t apply chemicals on your hair.

> Do conditioner.

 I, Mark Moss from San Clemente, am sure if you follow these above described tips, you will surely enjoy shiny and healthy hair. Nevertheless if you don’t get what you want, without making any delay you must contact any hair care specialist.


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